New Vienna International Symphony Orchestra

The New Vienna International Symphony Orchestra based in Vienna was established by Georgi Nikolov, music director and principal conductor, in March 2015 . Since then, the orchestra presented several performances in cooperation with both instrumental and vocal soloists and choruses in cities such as Vienna, Perchtolsdorf, Baden, Mödling, Krems an der Donau, and Salzburg. The NVISO has several CD recordings of orchestra, chamber, and church music.

The New Vienna International Symphony Orchestra (NVISO) participated in two major tours in China and presented concerts in Slovakia, as well, under the baton of Maestro Georgi Nikolov. The participating musicians are recruited from all over the world representing over 25 countries from different continents resulting one of the largest international symphony orchestra. The musicians age averages around 30 years. Their repertoire represents music from the baroque, the classical, the romantic, the 20th century, until musical compositions by contemporary composers.