Georgi Nikolov


Georgi Nikolov Biography

Georgi Nikolov Conductor Dirigent Wienna Wien

Georgi Nikolov is from the young generation of conductors and is quickly becoming a favorite of the audience, which always contributes to a good mood.

His career as a conductor is a continuation of his training and work as a cellist and vocalist.  Due to his frequent collaboration with a number of distinguished conductors and soloists, especially during his own music projects in Vienna.
He has gained invaluable experience in performance and professional management, and has developed a self-expressing interpretation of a particular call as well, which greatly diversifies his work as a conductor.

In 2017 he graduated in conducting at the Vienna Conservatory of Music, but his professional projects began while he was a student, and in 2015 Georgi Nikolov founded his “New VIS Orchestra” of which he is also the music director.  Ever since its inception, the orchestra has gained an enviable reputation for the scale and quality of its projects.

Georgi Nikolov conducted as a guest conductor several famous symphonic and opera orchestras on concert-tours in Asia and Europe.


“French and Italian Opera Essentials”, performed by Pazardzhik Symphony Orchestra.

Georgi Nikolov & New Vienna International Symphony Orchestra
Georgi Nikolov and Pina Napolitano Schoenberg Piano Concerto Chamber Reduction& New Vis Orchestra

Carmen Overture by Georges Bizet. Perform by Georgi Nikolov and Pazardzhik Symphony Orchestra

Interview with Georgi Nikolov, New Vienna International Symphony Orchestra

Gioachino Rossini – The Barber of Seville – Overture Pazardzhik Symphony Orchestra

Georgi Nikolov about “Emperor” Piano Concerto – L.v.Beethoven

Moments from tours in China

Here are some beautiful and special moments from our last 2 tours with Vienna Festival Orchestra in China. After these journeys we were left with fond memories. We received a warm welcome everywhere and played in beautifull and packed concert halls. The soloists during our first tour were: Jennifer Zein and Luka Gudelj. The soloists during our second tour were: Yulia Savrasova and Faik Hondozi.

Georgi Nikolov Repertoire

  • Symphonic Works
  • Concertоs for Instrument and Orchestra
  • Opera Works
  • Mass and Oratorial Works

Pazardzhik Symphony Orchestra

Duel between the Italian and the French opera in one concert.
Pazardzhik Symphony Orchestra
Mezzo – Sopran – Yulia Savrasova
Soprano – Catalina Paz
Conductor – Georgi Nikolov
City concert hall Pazardzhik 05.12.2019